"Great Stories come from an average life. Great Experiences are simply a documentation of Truth in hindsight. Compared to other people, a writer is someone who finds it difficult to write. For to whom has been given the power to be a gate keeper of knowledge and wisdom." Reuben Wanjala - Change Your Thinking, Transform Your Life.

Winter New Releases

Coming Soon – January- March 2020 J. ALEXANDER MARTIN Alexander Martin Founder/VP & Creative Director of FUBU and Founder & CEO of FUBU Television DreamSmart Academy – – Director of Entrepreneurship J. Alexander Martin, an...
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Online Digital Catalog

Leeds Press Corp online published books catalog is our electronic bibliographic database that provides detailed information about our Authors, their books Titles, a summarized description and wholesale pricing information. At Leeds Press Corp we pride...
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GSP BOOKS an imprint of Leeds Press Corp, was founded on the fundamental belief that everyone has the capacity to overcome Emotional and Psychological barriers to achieve success. Everyone has a story to tell. The...
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Advertising, Broadcasting, Interactive Platforms, Web-Content Creation & Printing, Recording & Music Production and Social Media. LEEDS MUSIC Unlimited, is a recording subsidiary of Leeds Press Corp. We specialize in talent acquisition development and music production....
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Publishing Services

We provide publishing services to authors of all genres. Our uniqueness in the publishing industry helps first-time authors develop manuscripts through a unique 20-point questionnaire system, coaching and content development.  Experienced authors benefit from our...
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We help small and medium size companies launch and operate software. Subscription software – Data storage and retrieval, training and support. Sales Force CRM Marketing, analytics and social networking. Microsoft Office 365 Dynamics CRM, SharePoint...