Advertising, Broadcasting, Interactive Platforms, Web-Content Creation & Printing, Recording & Music Production and Social Media.

LEEDS MUSIC Unlimited, is a recording subsidiary of Leeds Press Corp. We specialize in talent acquisition development and music production.

LEEDS Films Unlimited is a motion picture subsidiary of Leeds Press Corp. We convert manuscripts and published books into screenplays, stage plays and musical plays. This process is called A film adaptation; the transfer of a work or story, in whole or in part, to a feature film. It is considered a derivative of the actual work or book. We work, conceptualize and create the plot, characters and develop a dialogic process. Works of fiction like a novel, comic books are a great resources for feature films and television.  Non-fiction genres are also great for example, autobiography, scriptures, plays, cultural-social and historical. 


We also develop marketing plans to help playwrights pitch their screenplay and movie scripts to major Media Motion Picture’s Acquisition agents.

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