GSP BOOKS an imprint of Leeds Press Corp, was founded on the fundamental belief that everyone has the capacity to overcome Emotional and Psychological barriers to achieve success. Everyone has a story to tell. The only way to pass on our experiences to future generations is through documentation made possible by publishing.


An imprint of LEEDS PRESS CORP, developed to provide publishing services, distribution and marketing for Social Media Influencers, Public Figures, Civil Servants, and Members of the Clergy. Social Media Influencers, have artfully learned how to create credibility in any industry of choice and have established a loyal following.  Public figures are persons through contributions to society generate, great public interest and or fame. Music and Movie Stars, Sport Heroes, Politicians and Members of the Clergy.

Publishing Services & Distribution

Advanced Editorial, Layouts Design, Illustrations, ISBN Assignment, Copyrights and Royalties. Softcover, Hardcover, E-Books, Audio and Video Story Boards. Amazon – Softcover, Audible & Kindle, Books A Million, Barnes and Noble, Baker & Taylor, Indie Bound, Ingram Content Group, Rokuten Kobo and Libro Audio books.



Adventure, Art, Business & Finance, Christianity, Children’s Books, Contemporary, Cooking, Educational, Fantasy, Historical, Humor, Romance, Science Fiction, Memoir, Personal Development, Motivational, Health, Travel, Families & Relationships and Young Adult Fiction.
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