A Committed Life to the Kingdom of God: Finding God, Knowing God


WHEN MY FATHER LEFT, I LOST MY SIGHT is a story of a girl, born to teenage parents. She must learn to deal with the impact and harsh realities of a single parent household, while navigating deep emotional and psychological deprivations caused by an absentee father.

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All human beings are born with gifts and talents that are unique only to them. All of us have something that we can share with the world. The gifts and talents can be used to help others be successful both spiritually and financially if they have the proper mindset to achieve. It is the Mindset that determines ones thinking, ones thinking determine the actions that one takes and the actions one takes unlocks one’s true Greatness. When we read the Bible, we see the different ways God spoke… with Adam it was in the Garden -“Where are you?”; God also spoke when Moses went to Mt. Sinai and was with God on the mountain for forty days. The Bible says David wrote under the power of the Spirit. Ezekiel was caught up by the Spirit and was taken to Jerusalem. In the Book of Revelation, John sees and talks to the resurrected Jesus; Jesus tells him to write a letter to seven churches. Paul saw a vision of Jesus on the road to Damascus and was commissioned to bring the Gospel to the Gentiles.