The Mouse in your Wallet


Suddenly the veil that held my bounds together ripped apart. A surge of an emotional pang and desperation to be with him rose up inside. Chris had been denied a healthy view of a good family. The little he knew about love, he freely gave it to Amanda and then me. It was his best. To be honest, he tried I knew it, felt it and even held it. I touched my lips where his kiss was last planted and my hips where his massive arms once squeezed. I missed him. No way! Warm drops of tears rolled out and then streams. “I love you Chris. Please call me. Please call me…say its not over.

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Like a hamster in a lab, money spending routines are cyclical. For years, we are stuck in a vicious cycle of making and spending money. All we have left is, meager savings or retirement. The Mouse in Your Wallet gives us, simple, logical and practical tips on how to save and responsibly enjoy spending our money. This book is highly recommended to anyone who’s been living paycheck to paycheck, trapped in a “rat race”, mountains of credit-card debt or cannot shake off their impulsive spending habits. The Mouse in Your Wallet offers an excellent counterintuitive approach to financial management, thus enlightens our perception when it comes to, earning money, budgeting, wise spending, rainy day-savings, investing for retirement and lastly how to develop healthy relationships with money.