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  • The Silent Power of a Codependent

    Boundary creation, fulfillment and a peaceful life is only possible when, a sincere introspective look of oneself occurs. Codependents are forever stuck in a cycle of cognitive dissonance where their perception of reality is constantly challenged by those seeking to extort resources and affection from them. In a nutshell, this book has been written to […]

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  • Philosophies for Living Life

    Many of us now look back on our lives and say; “IF I ONLY KNEW BACK THEN WHAT I KNOW NOW”, my life would be different. I would have made better choices and decisions; I would have asked more questions; I would have taken a different route; I would have waited longer before I got […]

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  • The Never Ending Date

    My wife recollects our first date… (Valerie )I remember the butterflies I had as I got dressed in the anticipation of what it would be like. I had to have- the prefect outfit, hair just right and of course I had to be draped with a sweet fragrance that would linger and leave him captivated. […]

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  • Ginger’s Neighborhood

    Ginger’s story is about embracing our differences as we are all unique and amazingly created. We must not fear each other but learn from one another. Our differences become our strength in love and acceptance.

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  • Discover Your Money Temperament: A Common-Sense Guide to Financial Security

    Apexx Behavioral Solutions founder, Ted McLyman, presents a compelling story about how behavior drives money decisions and that the common wisdom about personal finance is wrong. Building on over thirty years of experience as a leader, educator, financial advisor and business owner, McLyman offers a refreshing new approach to money management. Discover Your Money Temperament, A Common-Sense Guide to Financial Security draws on his vast understanding of behavioral finance to explore why we continually make bad money choices. Using self-deprecating humor and stories, McLyman offers a light and entertaining account of how our human nature conspires against us when we make money choices.
    This is a revolutionary consumer book about how we feel and think about money and how our emotions impact our spending decisions. Money success is about behavior and not product selection. This versatile book targets the general public but is suited as a supplement to traditional personal finance books and courses. It also is a great give away for financial professionals.
    The theme is simple and straightforward. Humans are not wired to work well with money. The behaviors that kept us alive in the forest can kill us at the mall. Key points include:- Money decisions are always emotional.- Everyone has a unique money temperament.- Money strategies should match our money temperament.- The old financial industry is all about products–features and benefits.- The new financial industry is all about behavior–temperament and strategy.- Know your money temperament and manage your behavior to create wealth.

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  • Codependency Revisited

    You are tired of pretending everything is okay in your relationships. You’ve become a pro at hiding your pain. Like a shaken champagne bottle, you are one step away from exploding. People around you do not know that you have lowered your own expectations on life. Your giving and serving has not been appreciated for […]

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  • From The Church Pews to The Pulpit

    As a child, I was raised up in the church. My lineage and family history have nothing but Pastors and members of the clergy. My father, grandfather, and several uncles were pastors and leaders in the church. Even though I was not a believer at the time, church was a way of life. I taught […]

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  • From The Cotton Sack to the Back Pack

    The journey was and is the key in you effort to be what you want to be. After experiencing the college life you should be equipped to make a choice of what you want to be when you grow up. A college education will assist you in gaining the knowledge to make that choice. While […]

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  • Growing Virtuous Women

    Dr. Alice J. Black is a retired educator for over thirty-nine years. She is also a licensed Christian Counselor who offers Christian Counseling services utilizing a cognitive-behavioral approach to unlocking your God given talents. Her message of encouragement is sought out by many churches and youth groups. Dr. Black is the founder of Christian Counseling […]

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  • In the Shadow of The Lord: When I’m weak God gives me Strength.

    For those who are seeking to refresh their walk with God or even at the beginning of their Christian journey; this words are profound. This is a must read for everyone interested in enhancing their relationship with God!

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  • Inside My Head: Homeless Children Mental and Behavioral Health

    In side my head, Homeless Children’s Mental and Behavioral Health is a book written to bring awareness to the issue of homelessness in children. Especially those that are raised from the streets and the eventual impact on the mental health.

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  • After Deployment

    My spouse is protected from all dangers and no harm shall come to him/her. My spouse has a clear head the entire time we are apart and will return even better than when he/she left: healthier, happier and looking great. My spouse will not lack anything while away and will not have any bad days. […]

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